Journalism on Screen the-witness-poster

The Witness

On March 13, 1964, Kitty Genovese was attacked on a street in Kew Gardens, Queens. The New York Times published a front-page story asserting that 38 witnesses watched her being murdered from their windows – and did nothing to help.

Tuesday, August 23


Based on Philip Roth’s acclaimed novel, this haunting drama takes place in 1951, as a brilliant working class Jewish boy from New Jersey travels on scholarship to a small college in Ohio, thus exempting him from being drafted into the Korean War.

now showing

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

A national manhunt is ordered for a rebellious kid and his foster uncle who go missing in the wild New Zealand bush in the new film from the director of What We Do in the Shadows.

now showing

Little Men

Acclaimed filmmaker Ira Sachs (Love is Strange, Forty Shades of Blue) returns to the big screen with this moving family drama brimming with his trademark humanism and insight.

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miss sharon jones

Miss Sharon Jones!

Two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple (Shut Up and Sing) shines a powerful spotlight on the legendary, Grammy-nominated R&B dynamo Sharon Jones during the most tumultuous year of her life.

now showing

Life, Animated

The inspirational story of Owen Suskind, a young man who was unable to speak as a child until he and his family discovered a unique way to communicate – by immersing themselves in the world of classic Disney animated films.

now showing

New Restoration!

Multiple Maniacs

Restored!  Reviled!  Revolting! John Waters’ gloriously grotesque, unavailable-for-decades second feature comes to theaters at long last.

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Cinephile Showcase Microbe&Gasoline_FINAL-630

Microbe & Gasoline

The new film by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) is a delightful tale of two misfit teenage boys taking a road trip in their house-on-wheels powered by a lawnmower motor.

Weds., Aug. 24
The Films of Catherine Deneuve umbrellas of cherbourg

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

An angelic young Catherine Deneuve was launched to stardom by this dazzling, one-of-a-kind musical heart-tugger from French New Wave director Jacques Demy.

Thursday, Aug. 25
4th Friday Films with The Loft Cinema at MOCA Tucson finding_vivian_maier_xlgweb

Free Outdoor Screening!

Finding Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier was a loner who worked as a nanny most of her life, and shot photos constantly everywhere she went, taking over 100,000 photographs that went unseen during her lifetime.

Friday, August 26

Don’t Think Twice

From acclaimed actor/director Mike Birbiglia and the creators of This American Life comes this funny and authentic look at the wild world of New York improv comedy.

Starts August 26
Cult Classics An-American-Werewolf-in-London-images-adb8db0f-6073-4893-a898-cd6a0e958d8

An American Werewolf in London

This howlingly funny/scary horror classic from director John Landis (Animal House) feels just as clever and original as it did 35 years ago.

Friday, Aug. 26 & Saturday, Aug. 27
Loft Member Screenings dont_think_twice

Don’t Think Twice

August’s Free Member Screening! From acclaimed actor/director Mike Birbiglia and the creators of This American Life comes this funny and authentic look at the wild world of New York improv comedy.

Friday, August 26
captain fantastic

Captain Fantastic

A charmingly eccentric, sweet and funny look at an unconventional family living deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Starts August 26
70MM Showcase west-side-story_01

70mm Print!

West Side Story

With just the right mix of flamboyant theatricality, thrilling beauty and gritty realism, Romeo meets Juliet – or rather, Tony meets Maria – on the streets and rooftops of New York.

Saturday, Aug. 27 & Sunday, Aug 28
Mondo Mondays wraith

The Wraith

“He’s Not From Around Here…”  The desert highways run yellow with low-budget cheesy by-product when The Wraith (featuring Charlie Sheen!) comes calling for revenge!

Monday, Aug. 29
Special Events Tri poster


Tri is an inspiring and emotionally-charged new drama set against the exciting backdrop of competitive Triathlons.

Tuesday, August 30
Special Events tombstone_ver1_xlg

Tucson Birthday Month Screening


The Loft Cinema celebrates Tucson’s birthday month with a special 35mm screening of the acclaimed 1993 western Tombstone!

WEDS., AUG. 31
The Films of Jim Jarmusch Stranger_Than_Paradise_1984_Poster_01

35mm Print!

Stranger than Paradise

A self-described “neo-realistic black comedy in the style of an imaginary Eastern European director obsessed with Ozu and The Honeymooners.”

Thursday, Sept. 1
Cult Classics back-to-the-future-1985-webposter

Back to the Future

Fire up your Flux Capacitor and spend Labor Day Weekend going Back to the Future with Marty and Doc in one of the greatest sci-fi comedies of all-time!

Friday, Sept. 2 - Monday, Sept. 5
First Friday Shorts FFS-WEBPOSTER2013

First Friday Shorts

Red Meat’s Max Cannon hosts the biggest, baddest short film contest in town!

friday, sept. 2

Mia Madre

A revisiting of the themes of life, cinema, family ties and guilt that drive much of his work, celebrated filmmaker Nanni Moretti’s (We Have a Pope) latest comedy/drama is a major return to form for the Italian director.

Starts September 2

Yoga Hosers

15-year-olds Colleen Collette and Colleen McKenzie love their smartphones, their yoga classes and their fledgling rock band, but they hate their after school job at a Manitoban convenience store.

Starts September 2

Morris from America

A heartwarming coming-of-age comedy with a unique spin about a 13-year-old budding hip-hop star who has just relocated with his single father, Curtis (Craig Robinson, “The Office”), to Heidelberg, Germany.


Starts September 2
Mondo Mondays ladytermposter

Lady Terminator

“She Mates … Then She Terminates.”  In the pantheon of great “Holy Crap!” Indonesian rip-offs of ‘80s Hollywood blockbusters, there’s a bunch of movies, and then there’s Lady Terminator.  Accept no substitutes.

Monday, Sept. 5
Art on Screen almeida-live-richard-iii-poster-1464795963

Richard III

From London’s Almeida Theatre , directed by Almeida Artistic Director Rupert Goold with Oscar-nominee Ralph Fiennes as Shakespeare’s most notorious villain and Oscar-winner Vanessa Redgrave as Queen Margaret.

Tuesday, Sept. 6 & Thursday, Sept. 8
Special Events monty_python_and_the_holy_grail_webposter

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Quote-A-Long!

Monty Python takes on the Middle Ages and coverts Arthurian legend into uncontrollable lunacy!

Wednesday, Sept. 7
The Films of Jim Jarmusch down-by-law-poster-jarmusch-begnini-waits-lurie

35mm Print!

Down by Law

Jim Jarmusch followed up his brilliant breakthrough film Stranger than Paradise with this pitch-perfect Louisiana-set comic odyssey that re-teamed him with Stranger star John Lurie.

Thursday, Sept. 8
Cult Classics Ferris Bueller poster

30th Anniversary!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Smooth-talking high schooler Ferris (Mathew Broderick) is a legend in his own time, thanks to his uncanny skill at cutting classes and getting away with it.

Friday, Sept. 9 - Sunday, Sept. 11
Special Events parks and rec

Free Outdoor Screening on the UA mall!

Parks and Recreation Binge Watch!

The UA Mall becomes Pawnee, Indiana at this outdoor binge watch event, featuring five of the best episodes projected on The Loft Cinema’s giant inflatable screen!

Friday, Sept. 9
Loft Member Screenings intervention

The Intervention

September’s Free Member Screening! A sharp-witted ensemble of thirty-something couples takes a beautiful lakefront vacation, but the relaxing weekend filled with hidden agendas soon boils over into comedic chaos.

Friday, Sept. 9
train to busan

Train to Busan

In this fast, fun and freaky zombie-fueled thriller from South Korea, a group of terrified passengers fight their way through a viral outbreak while trapped on board a blood-drenched bullet train ride.

Starts September 9

The Intervention

A sharp-witted ensemble of thirty-something couples takes a beautiful lakefront vacation, but the relaxing weekend filled with hidden agendas soon boils over into comedic chaos.

Starts September 9

Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World

Celebrated filmmaker Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man) chronicles the virtual world from its origins to its outermost reacher.

Starts September 9
Loft Jr. parent trap

Free Admission!

The Parent Trap

Teen twins equal double trouble in Walt Disney’s fun-loving comedy classic, The Parent Trap, starring the one-and-only Hayley Mills!

Saturday, Sept. 10
Special Events native american activism past to presnet

Native Activism: Past to Present

Enjoy screenings of two films, Q&A’s with activists and live music from Sicangu Lakot hip-hop artist Frank Waln!

Saturday, Sept. 10
Special Events one-more-time-with-feeling-portrait-poster

Nick Cave: One More Time With Feeling in 3D

Experience all the songs from the new Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds album, Skeleton Tree on the big screen in the feature film One More Time With Feeling, presented in stunning 3D!

Sunday, Sept. 11
Mondo Mondays vamp poster


“The First Kiss Could Be Your Last!”  There are very few certainties in life, but rest assured that when ‘80s frat dudes battle vampire strippers ruled by Grace Jones, you can be certain it’s going to be B-movie gold.

Monday, Sept. 12
Community Rentals mortal

Free Admission!

Being Mortal

A PBS Frontline production based upon the best-selling book by Dr. Atul Gawand exploring the hopes of patients and families facing terminal illness and their relationships with the doctors, nurses and family members who care for them.

Tuesday, Sept. 13
Science on Screen star men

Star Men

The U.S. Premiere of this acclaimed new documentary, featuring an intro by UA astronomer Chris Impey, and a post-film discussion with Impey, director Alison Rose, and film subject Professor Neville “Nick” Woolf!

Weds., Sept. 14
The Films of Jim Jarmusch mystery_train_webposter

Mystery Train

Aloof teenage Japanese tourists, a frazzled Italian widow, and a disgruntled British immigrant all converge in the city of dreams – which, in the case of Jim Jarumusch’s Mystery Train, happens to be Memphis.

Thursday, Sept. 15
70MM Showcase sleeping_beauty

70mm Print!

Sleeping Beauty

Experience the enchantment of Walt Disney’s 1959 animated classic Sleeping Beauty on the big screen with this rare opportunity to see it projected in glorious 70mm!

Saturday, Oct. 15 & Sunday, Oct. 16
Cult Classics Star-Trek-first contact

Star Trek: First Contact

Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his Next Generation crew engage in their most thrilling adventure yet, battling the galaxy-conquering Borg!

Friday, Sept. 16 & Saturday, Sept. 17

Complete Unknown

Alice (Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz, The Constant Gardener) has disappeared for 15 years.  But this bridge-burning approach to life leaves embers in its wake when she is recognized at a birthday party, and a fire reignites.

Starts Sept. 16
beatles eight days a week

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years

The new documentary from Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, based on The Beatles’ early career (1962-1966) when they toured and captured the world’s acclaim.

Starts Sept. 16


Hard-drinking, pill-popping, bong-ripping Lou (Natasha Lyonne, “Orange is the New Black”) and her best friend Sadie (Chloë Sevigny, “Big Love”) spend their days adrift in a druggy, junk food-fueled haze.

Starts Sept. 16
The Rocky Horror Picture Show the_rocky_horror_picture_show_poster

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

A Loft tradition for 38 years and counting! With the “Heavy Petting” shadow cast live and in your face!

saturday, Sept. 17
Special Events Grease-Sing-A-Long-Webposter

The Grease Sing-A-Long!

Calling all T-Birds and Pink Ladies! You’ll rule the school as we once again celebrate everyone’s favorite rock-n-roll movie musical.

Saturday, Sept. 17
Special Events desert migration

Desert Migration

When the first effective HIV treatments were introduced in the mid-1990s, a generation of HIV+ gay men were thrown a lifeline.

Sunday, Sept. 18
One Hit Wonders jheronimus_bosch_touched_by_the_devil-566440656-large

Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil

In 2016, the Noordbrabants Museum held an exhibition of Hieronymus Bosch, who died 500 years ago. In preparation a team of art historians attempts to unravel the secrets of his art.

Monday, Sept. 19
Mondo Mondays mankillers


“The Fury of 12 Desperate Women Has Been Unleashed!” A Dirty Dozen big-haired, scantily-clad female felons are called into bad movie action to take down a drug-running, white slavery-loving criminal mastermind!

Monday, Sept. 19
Special Events dbis-webposter

One Night Only!

David Bowie is

This documentary film of the groundbreaking “David Bowie is” art exhibition offers a stunning look into the unique world of rock icon David Bowie.

Tuesday, Sept. 20
Cinephile Showcase childhood_of_a_leader

The Childhood of a Leader

A child’s angelic face conceals a budding sociopath in this early chronicle of a post-World War I leader, the audacious directorial debut from actor Brady Corbet (Melancholia). 

Weds., Sept. 21
The Films of Jim Jarmusch night-on-earth-1991-jim-jarmusch

35mm Print!

Night on Earth

Five cities.  Five taxicabs.  A multitude of strangers in the night.  A hilarious quintet of taxi-based tales of urban displacement and existential angst , spanning time zones, continents and languages.

Thursday, Sept. 22
Cult Classics clockwork_orange_webposter

A Clockwork Orange

Still one of Kubrick’s most hotly-debated films, A Clockwork Orange is a chilling, shocking and endlessly fascinating look at humanity at its most monstrous.

Friday, Sept. 23 & Saturday, Sept. 24
4th Friday Films with The Loft Cinema at MOCA Tucson marwencol-poster01

Free Outdoor Screening!


Depicting one man’s journey into a fantastical world of his own making, the acclaimed documentary Marwencol is a unique, humorous and inspiring celebration of the power of outsider art.

Friday, Sept. 23
max rose

Max Rose

Max Rose, featuring the legendary Jerry Lewis in his first starring role in over two decades, is a deeply moving drama about a retired jazz musician whose beloved wife of nearly sixty years has just passed away.

Starts Sept. 23


A bridegroom is possessed by an unquiet spirit in the midst of his own wedding celebration in this unsettling and darkly funny Polish horror tale, winner of the Best  Picture award at Fantastic Fest.

Starts Sept. 23

White Girl

Girls go wild and wilder in the course of the reckless summer of two slumming NYC college girls who flaunt privilege even as they tempt the Queens gangbangers they cozy up to for sex and drugs.

Starts Sept. 23
Special Events cinema paradiso

Art House Theatre Day Screening!

Cinema Paradiso: The Theatrical Cut

In this newly-restored version of the theatrical cut, a young Sicilian boy named Salvatore loses his father to war and strikes up a friendship with Alfredo, the aging projectionist at his local theatre.

Saturday, Sept. 24
Special Events Phantasm-Poster

Art House Theatre Day Screening!

Phantasm: Remastered

Don Coscarelli’s 1979 horror classic returns to the big screen in a gorgeous new digital restoration, courtesy of J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot Productions.

Saturday, Sept. 24
Special Events Layout 1

Art House Theatre Day Screening!

A Town Called Panic: The Specials

Come visit A Town Called Panic, with two new, award-winning animated specials from the Academy Award-nominated directors of Ernest & Celestine.

Saturday, Sept. 24
Journalism on Screen Spotlight


See the Oscar-winning 2015 drama Spotlight, followed by an onstage discussion with journalist and former Boston Globe publisher Richard Gilman!

Sunday, Sept. 25
Loft Staff Selects The-Mummy-Returns-movie-poster

The Mummy Returns

This big-budget, rollercoaster-ride of a sequel from writer/director Stephen Sommers brings The Mummy back to the big screen for more explosive, Indiana Jones-esque thrills and chills.

Sunday, Sept. 25
Mondo Mondays Deadly_weapons_poster_01

Deadly Weapons

“Watch the Mob Get Busted When Chesty Takes Her Revenge!” One of the most incredibly bizarre and bewilderingly bad sexploitation films ever made, Deadly Weapons is a breast-obsessed B-movie bonanza!

Monday, Sept. 26
Essential Cinema jeanne

Free admission!

Jeanne Dielman, 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

This legendary masterpiece of the late Chantal Akerman is one of the most debated, influential, and singular works in the history of cinema.

Tuesday, Sept. 27
Special Events manhattan_short_poster_27x40

The Manhattan Short Film Festival 2016

Don’t miss the 19th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival, featuring 10 great new shorts from around the world – and YOU help select the winner!

Weds., Sept. 28
The Films of Jim Jarmusch Dead-Man

35mm Print!

Dead Man

Jim Jarmusch’s hypnotic, visionary Western, hailed as ‘the best movie of the end of the 20th century,” is a haunting parable of spiritual rebirth and a radical twist on the traditional myth of the American West.

Thursday, Sept. 29
Cult Classics Idiocracy_PosterB


In Idiocracy, writer/director Mike Judge (Office Space) hilariously visualizes a future in which “dumbing down” has become the new status quo … and no, this ISN’T a documentary!

Friday, Sept. 30 & Saturday, Oct. 1
author JT poster

Author: The JT Leroy Story

One of the greatest scandals ever to envelop the literary world, the unmasking of  mysterious “it boy” author JT Leroy by the New York Times in 2006 is the type of stranger than fiction story tailor-made for the movies.

Starts Sept. 30


A mesmerizing fusion of fact and fable – a poetic, yet unadorned, look at the life and loves of a young girl living in the heart of a Kaqchikel Mayan community in the Guatemalan highlands.

Starts Sept. 30
Community Rentals y648

With Dr. Garth Davis in person! / Presented by Vegan Logic

Proteinaholic: Why Our Obsession With Meat Is Killing Us

Join us as Dr. Garth Davis, Bariatric Surgeon and author of Proteinaholic sets the record straight about our obsession with meat.

Saturday, Oct. 1
Special Events mona lisa

Mona Lisa is Missing: The True Story of the Man Who Stole the Masterpiece

A documentary examining the fascinating mystery behind the theft of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa from the Louvre Museum in 1911.

Sunday, October 2
Special Events charlesphoenix_02062011-755

Charles Phoenix Live!

Don’t miss the Ambassador of Americana, Charles Phoenix, as he returns to The Loft Cinema with an all-new, live comedy slide show performance celebrating classic and kitschy America life and style!

Sunday, Oct. 2
New York Film Critics Series silver skies

Silver Skies

See the new comedy/drama Silver Skies before its national theatrical release at this special New York Film Critics Series preview screening, featuring a captured-live post-film discussion!

Tuesday, October 4
Special Events reel rock poster

The Reel Rock Film Tour 2016

A nationally touring festival featuring all-new films jam-packed with extreme climbing action, exciting prize raffles and more!

Wednesday, Oct. 5

The Greasy Strangler

A  masterpiece of bad taste, this grotesquely hilarious exercise in juvenile depravity and cheesy gore follows the adventures of a pair of disco tour guides whose town is terrorized by a slimy maniac covered in grease.

Starts October 7
Loft Jr. Hotel-Transylvania-2012-Movie-Poster-Cover-Wallpapers

Free Admission!

Hotel Transylvania

It’s a comical monster mash when a gaggle of creepy creatures gather together for a weekend of spooky partying at Hotel Transylvania!

Saturday, Oct. 8
Community Rentals No Poster

Presented by the Southern Arizona Psychological Association

The Bristlecone Project: Men Overcoming Sexual Abuse

A powerful documentary, The Bristlecone Project: Men Overcoming Sexual Abuse features many courageous male survivors who have broken their silence.

Saturday, Oct. 8
Special Events gcd

Drawing Political Lines: The Great Cartoon Debate of 2016

An entertaining event pitting two editorial cartoonists from different ends of the political spectrum against each other in a live debate.

Monday, Oct. 10
Community Rentals ritc

Presented by Pima County Public Library LGBT Services Committee

Reel in the Closet

Reel in the Closet is a feature-length documentary that transports us into LGBT life of the past through rare home movies of the people who lived it.

Weds., Oct. 12
Community Rentals Paths-of-the-Soul_poster_goldposter_com_3-492x800

A Fundraising Benefit for One Global Village

Paths of the Soul

Acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yang blurs the border between documentary and fiction to follow a group of Tibetan pilgrims making a 1,200 mile journey to the holy capital of Tibet.

Sunday, Oct. 23