The Wild & Scenic Film Festival

w&s_poster Showtimes

This event will inspire the people of Tucson to go out and make a difference in the community. Because of engaged citizens who were motivated by what they saw in last year’s featured film, Bag It, the City of Tucson is now seeking solutions to reduce plastic bag consumption!

This year’s slate of films is bound to be just as motivating and entertaining. Mining Patagonia explores the issues and consequences that an open pit mine would impose on this environmentally rich yet fragile town just an hour south of Tucson. Connecting the Gems follows two hikers as they traverse the northern Rockies, seeking out wildlife corridors and identifying the challenges faced by wildlife as they journey between wildland “gems.” In Meet the Beetle we see how even the tiniest of critters plays an important role in keeping our world a vibrant place and how school children can get engaged in conservation in a powerful way.

The festival is a natural extension of the work of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. The Coalition, comprised of 41 conservation and community groups, works to create a community where ecosystem health is important, nature and healthy wild animal populations have value, and where visitors, children and future generations can all drink clean water, breathe clean air, and find wild places to roam.

This year’s festival is once again being held in conjunction with Tucson Audubon Society’s annual Bird & Wildlife Festival. Visitors from all over the world will be converging on Tucson for a week of birding and wildlife-related activities and the Coalition is excited to share the film festival as one of the featured evening programs.

Special thanks go out to local event sponsors Summit Hut and Betts Printing, the event’s major national sponsor Patagonia, as well as other local and national sponsors.