A Tommy Wiseau Double Feature!

The Room and The Neighbors

2430112-TheRoomPOSTER-L Showtimes

Oh hi, everybody! Get ready for the Tucson premiere of The Neighbors, the latest highly-anticipated masterpiece from director/star Tommy Wiseau!

“The man who made the worst movie ever made has now made the worst sitcom ever made … The Neighbors is every bit as remarkable as The Room.” – Ryan Bort, Esquire

This jaw-dropping half hour sitcom (the pilot for a TV series that may or may not actually be coming soon) follows the wacky adventures of a group of people who live, love and party in a swinging apartment complex, and it could only spring from the unique mind of Tommy Wiseau. As the official synopsis explains: “This cocktail of characters always guarantee (sic) plenty of surprises.” In this pilot episode, Marianna is obsessed with bugs in her apartment, while Monica catches her boyfriend, Den (a shout-out to our beloved Denny?), in bed with a dude named Patrick. And did we mention the awesome underwear party? Naturally, Wiseau himself plays the building manager: a blonde-wigged, leather jacket-wearing jock named Charlie. What does it all mean? Who knows? Ten years in the making, and filled with all the bad wigs, strange acting and head scratching plot twists anyone could hope for, The Neighbors is a purely, perfectly Wiseau-ian extravaganza of epic proportions. Following The Neighbors, settle in for a screening of the one-and-only cult classic The Room, a hypnotically awful, undeniably amazing cinematic experience unlike anything you have ever seen – an electrifying, soul-searing explosion of love, passion, betrayal and lies, not to mention footballs, Skotchka and … SPOONS! (The Neighbors, dir. by Tommy Wiseau, 2014, USA, 35 mins., Not Rated); (The Room, dir. by Tommy Wiseau, 2003, US, 99 min., Rated R)