The Big Lebowski

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Times like these call for a Big Lebowski. What the heck is The Big Lebowski, you say?

“Want to see how a true cult movie phenomenon is created? Look no further than the stoner-comedy-meets-film-noir classic The Big Lebowski.” – Total Film

Well, if you have to ask, someone may just tell you to “Shut the f**k up, Donny!” Lebowski is not only one of the biggest and best cult movies of our time, this hilarious Coen Brothers classic is also a completely insane comedy of bowling, mistaken identities, urine-soaked rugs, severed toes, naked performance art, porn-obsessed nihilists, a sex offender named Jesus, numerous White Russians, a smattering of hallucinatory musical dream sequences … oh yeah, and Jeff Bridges as some guy called “The Dude.” (Dir. by Joel Coen, 1998, USA, 119 mins., Rated R)