12 hours of terror!

The All-Nite Scream-O-Rama!

Scream-O-Rama-11-13-15 Showtimes

Pay to get in … pray to get out! At The Loft Cinema, everyone can hear you scream! Stay up all-nite at the sickest, scariest, most scream-errific cinematic slaughterhouse you’ve ever seen! It’s guaranteed to curdle your blood, raise your hair and give your gag reflexes a real workout, so all scaredy cats need not attend! Thrills and chills await you throughout the night as we unleash SEVEN hand-picked horror classics that are so scandalously shocking, the only way to hold on to your sanity is to keep repeating to yourself – “it’s only a movie, it’s only a movie, it’s only movie …” Bring your pillows and wear your pajamas for a cinematic slumber party massacre that you just might not survive!

PLUS: Scary shorts, trashy trailers, ghoulish trivia games and prizes, horrifying drink specials, our infamously delicious “meat cups,” and collectible barf bags for all chickens with weak stomachs!

All showtimes are approximate:


7:00pm: The Hills Have Eyes / 35mm print!

“Intense and disturbing … one of the prime examples of what was so fascinating about American horror films in the 1970s.” – TV Guide’s Movie Guide

The late, great horror director Wes Craven’s legendary shocker, about a “normal” American family driven to bloody extremes when their RV breaks down in the desert and they become the prey of a bizarre clan of mutant cannibal cave-dwellers, is a white-knuckle thriller that explores the fine line between civilization and savagery in ways that have never been equaled. (Dir. by Wes Craven, 1977, USA, 89 mins., Rated R)


8:40pm: Friday the 13th Part II / 35mm print!

“A surprisingly good slasher flick, this is the last Friday the 13th film that actually makes an effort to scare its audience.” – Juicy Cerebellum

Following the massacre in the original film, a new group of horny co-eds gather at Camp Crystal Lake to smoke dope, have unprotected sex and lose their heads as crazed killer Jason Voorhees picks up where his murderous mother left off (sporting a one-eye-hole potato sack rather than his iconic hockey mask, which wouldn’t pop up until Part III) in this gruesome sequel that set the tone for every slasher flick that followed. (Dir. by Steve Miner, 1981, USA, 87 mins., Rated R)


10:20pm: Jeepers Creepers

“As stylish as it is grisly, Jeepers Creepers has cult film written all over it … has the scariest opening sequence of any horror picture in recent memory.” – Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

On a desolate country highway, two teens on a road trip to hell meet up with a maniac driving a beat-up truck, and they soon discover they’re dealing with something quite a bit less (or more) than human – a very nasty something called The Creeper – in this highly unnerving creature feature that really delivers the old-fashioned thrills and popcorn-munching monster mayhem. (Dir. by Victor Salva, 2001, USA, 90 mins., Rated R)


Midnight: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch is the best in the series … it’s well acted, well shot, and weird as hell! What more could a horror fan ask for? – Bloody Disgusting

Michael Myers is nowhere to be found in this crazed third installment of the Halloween franchise, which finds an evil toymaker planning to give America’s trick-or-treaters the shock of their lives on Halloween night with the help of his monstrous Silver Shamrock Halloween masks that can do all sorts of delightfully nasty things to the children who wear them. “Eight more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween… Eight more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!” A majorly sick and twisted delight. (Dir. by Tommy Lee Wallace, 1982, USA, 98 mins., Rated R)


1:50am: The Loved Ones

“A truly demented masterpiece.” – Josh Olson, Ain’t it Cool News

As if high school proms weren’t scary enough, a spurned young woman decides to throw her own psycho prom from hell, and the object of her affection is going to have to fight to survive what could become his final dance. Will he live through this night of drills, knives, glitter and syringes to be crowned Prom King? Or will he become Prom Roadkill? A future cult classic filled with blood, guts and macabre humor, featuring one of recent horror’s greatest villains – a vicious teen girl with a prom dress and a very nasty imagination! (Dir. by Sean Byrne, 2009, Australia, 84 mins., Rated R)


3:30am: Monkey Shines / 35mm print!

“One of George Romero’s most effective, interesting and enjoyably frightening horror thrillers.” – Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

Nothing comes between a man and his monkey, expect maybe a straight razor and an occasional murder or three, in this highly unique chiller about a wheelchair-bound law student and his psychotic helper monkey, Ella, whose bad attitude and jealousy issues take the concept of “monkey business” to new heights of bloody horror. A truly underrated terror flick from Master of Horror, George A. Romero. (Dir. by George A. Romero, 1988, USA, 113 mins., Rated R)


5:40am: Humanoids from the Deep

“With an over-abundance of sex and violence, it’s as trashy and sleazy as they come … lots of splattery fun.” – Dread Central

A slithering school of horny humanoid fish men rise from the ocean floor to mate with the understandably horrified women of a small fishing village, and then set out to trash the upcoming annual Salmon Festival, in this gory, goofy and yes, probably offensive monster mash that’s packed to the gills with breasts, blood and budgetary issues. An exploitation classic from legendary producer Roger Corman! (Dir. by Barbara Peeters, 1980, USA, 80 mins., Rated R)