Opening Night of the 2015 Loft Film Fest!

Back to the Future Double Feature

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Celebrate opening night of the 2015 Loft Film Fest and Back to the Future Day with a Back to the Future-themed party (Enchantment Under the Sea!) in the Loft parking lot, featuring live ‘50s music by Still Cruisin’, movie-themed snacks, a photo-op with an actual DeLorean and fashions from 1955, 1985 and 2015 courtesy of Buffalo Exchange, to be followed by an indoor double feature screening of Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II. October 21, 2015 is international Back to the Future Day, celebrating the exact date Marty McFly travels to “in the future” in Back to the Future Part II. Get your Flux Capacitors charged and let’s all get back in time!

Back to the Future

The ingenious time travel comedy Back to the Future is a pitch-perfect combination of sharp satire, warm sentiment and sci-fi excitement. Michael J. Fox plays 1985 teen Marty McFly, whose mentor, Doc Brown (a brilliantly manic Christopher Lloyd), invents a time-tripping DeLorean that takes the kid back to 1955. When he inadvertently gets in the way of his teenage parents’ relationship (and causes his future mother, played by Lea Thompson, to develop a crush on him!), Marty has to figure out how to give his nerdy father (a gloriously odd Crispin Glover) confidence and get them back together to insure his own eventual existence. Funny, touching and suspenseful, this love letter to American pop culture is one of the most purely entertaining films of the 1980s. (Dir. by Robert Zemeckis, 1985, USA, 116 mins., Rated PG)

Back to the Future Part II

Rather than rest on their laurels, Robert Zemeckis and writing partner Bob Gale completely reinvented the Back to the Future franchise with this audacious follow-up. In a bit of experimentation worthy of the French New Wave, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd return for a sequel that spends most of its running time not before or after the original story, but at the same time. A series of time-travel complications send our hero Marty McFly and partner Doc Brown back to the 1955 of the first film, after a mishap in 2015 generates a parallel universe. Even more elaborately plotted than the original, this highly ambitious sequel allows Zemeckis more opportunities for witty satire and cutting-edge special effects. (Dir. by Robert Zemeckis, 1989, USA, 108 mins., Rated PG)